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The Anglo-Irish jazz musician, band leader, and composer Patrick (Spike) Hughes is still remembered and honoured in the world of British jazz. His recording work in New York in the early 1930s with Benny Carter, Coleman Hawkins, Leon 'Choo' Berry, and other giants of the jazz world has also kept his name alive in the USA.

Since the release of the LARGO CD 'High Yellow' - with digital remasterings of all Spike's jazz compositions - several important manuscripts have come to light. A list of extant holograph material is in preparation, and will of course include the so-called 'light music' Hughes composed (mostly for radio) after he abruptly decided in 1933 to end his jazz career at the height of its success

Spike Hughes - cartoon

From the original pencil cartoon of Spike made in New York in 1933 by the African-American jazz musician Spinky Austin
© Charmian Hughes

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