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British writer, editor, music publisher, recording producer

Drew has supported the work of young and little-known composers, encouraging them, arranging performances and promoting their work. Almost single-handedly, he brought Kurt Weill to the attention of English performers and orchestras, and championed the work of Roberto Gerhard.

  from Power People (a supplement to the Evening Standard of 17 December 1999, profiling London-based figures prominent or not so prominent in the life and arts of the city.)

In 1971 Drew marked his arrival as Editor of Tempo with a special double-issue in memory of Stravinsky, featuring a sequence of specially-commissioned commemorative Canons and Epitaphs by some of the finest composers of the day. In 1996 he received the Kurt Weill Distinguished Achievement Award. It is an honour that could as well have been bestowed on him by any of those many composers whose causes he has so assiduously and enthusiastically served'.

  from a profile by Robert Cowan
(BBC Proms programme, 27 July 1998)

Drew's breathtakingly virtuoso essay on Busoni, partly cast in the form of a letter and complete with a neat twist on Schoenberg, is among the best examples of compressed musical biography and cultural exegesis I have read. Hans Keller-like in its combination of erudite historicism, personal opinion, literary fluency and quirkiness.
from a review by Andrew Stewart
(Classical Music 3 July 2004)
David Drew, France, September 2004

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