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Croagh Patrick (E. Fawcett), alto, baritone, speaker, strings, timp, 1950

Peter and the Lame Man(Acts of the Apostles, ch.3), tenor, baritone, chorus, orch, 1965-7

In memoriam Jan Palach (Jan Hus, Thomas à Kempis), soprano, baritone, speaker, orch, 1974/85

In Praise of Gardens tenor, chorus, keyboards (1975), orchestrated 1976-7

  The Romance of the Rose (Guillaume de Lorris 13th C) - tenor solo
Spring Song of the Birds (James I of Scotland) - chorus
The Romance of the Rose (ditto)
The Lily-White Rose (anon, 16th C) - tenor and chorus
I love a flower (att. Sir Thomas Phillips) - women's chorus
Sweet Rose of Virtue (William Dunbar) - chorus a cappella
I have a new Garden (anon, 15th C) - tenor solo
In Praise of Ivy (anon, 15th C) - women's chorus
Holly against Ivy (anon, early 16th C) - women's chorus
Ceremonies upon Candlemas Eve (Robert Herrick) - tenor solo, chorus
Thoughts in a Garden (Andrew Marvell) - tenor and chorus

Choral unaccompanied:

The Shepherd's Wonder (Godolphin), SATB, org, 1956
The Year's Christmas (Edwin Muir), 8vv, 1956
No Room at the Inn, SATB, pf, 1961
A Lesson from Ecclesiastes, SATB, org, 1962 3
Poems of D.G. Rossetti, SATB, 1963
Music, when soft voices die (Shelley), SATB, 1972
To the Bandusian Spring (Horace) SATB, 1974


The Cherry Tree (Housman), lv, pf, 1944
Ode to Evening (William Collins), S, 2 cl, pf, 1948
4 Poems of James Joyce, S, harp, str qt, 1951-3
Bright Star (Keats), T, cl, 1953
7 Songs from Chios, low voice, pf,1958
Jubilate Deo, S, org, 1959
6 Greek Folksongs, lv, pf, 1959
6 Songs from Scotland, lv, pf, 1963
The Isle of Skye (Jacobite), S, B, pf, 1969
A Love-Song (William Cartwright 1611-43) voice, guitar or lute, cello, 1984


[Variations on a theme by Bartók, pf, 1947 - destroyed]
[Suite, E, pf, 1948 - destroyed]
Sonata, cl, pf, 1948-9
[Trio, cl, va, pf, 1953-4, rev. 1973]
Variations on 'Le ranz des vaches', pf duet, 1971
Fantasia, pf, 1978-80
Canon, pf, 1971
Five Pieces for wind quintet (1985)
Piano Pieces 1989-95 - unfinished set; 6 pieces completed.

Incidental music:

Cymbeline (Shakespeare), 1951 - (lost?)
Between Two Worlds, film ballet, 1951 - (lost?)
The Mitchell Case, film score, 1955 - (lost?)

Editions and arrangements:

Offenbach: La belle Helène - the score edited from primary sources and arranged for an ensemble of twelve players; English version by Jean and Christopher Shaw, 1995

Weill: Der Kuhhandel - orchestrations of all the numbers Weill left in piano/vocal score, together with arrangements and orchestrations of sections from the sketches and drafts, including orchestral interludes. Undertaken in 1970 for a production in Germany that never materialised. (click Kurt Weill, on this website)

Weill: "Lucys Aria" - orchestration from the published piano/vocal score, commissioned for a commercial recording but not used, and first performed in 1992 at the Britten/Weill Weekend at Snape Maltings, England


There is as yet no list of Shaw's numerous articles and reviews.

To date the only published articles about Shaw and his music are three by David Drew: 'Christopher Shaw', Musical Times, vol 104 (1963), pp 479-481; 'Christopher Shaw', Tempo (1995) pp 19-21; 'Christopher Shaw', in the revised New Grove (2000)

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