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David Drew

Weill Editions: 5. Translations and original texts

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Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny

Complete singing translation, by Michael Geliot and David Drew (1963)
Copyright assigned to Universal Edition (Vienna)

Der Silbersee

As yet unperformed singing translations, prepared in 1999, for Fennimore's 'Ich bin eine arme Verwandte' and the Luber/Lauer 'Schlaraffenland' duet, together with shortened introductory dialogue for the latter.

Das Berliner Requiem
Oil Music

Line-by-line literal translations by David Drew and Gillian Ward. These have been prepared for use in programme-books for concerts, and are available with the original German texts.

Cry the Beloved Country

Narrations (from Alan Paton's novel) and song-texts (by Maxwell Anderson).

Performance materials: USA: Rogers & Hammerstein UK 'etc', SCAN: Joseph Weinberger

Epitaph (War Play)

Original text by David Drew for an unpublished 'song without words', connected with, or written for Johnny Johnson.

Michael Geliot greeting Nicholas Maw   Fry, Gillian Ward & D Drew


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